Gary Begley
President – Licensed Aesthetician – Supervising Laser Technician – Laser Safety Officer – Master Sculptor Artisan

Gary Begley has been at the forefront of the Laser and Clinical Aesthetics community for more than 30 years.  His technology and applications innovations have helped to advance the science of skin care and shape the medical spa industry as we know it today.  Gary currently serves as the Chairman of the Arizona State Board of Cosmetology, and was formerly the Western Regional Director of the National Interstate Council of State Boards of Cosmetology.


Carol Ann Smith, FPN
Medical Director

Carol Ann Smith, F.N.P. brings decades of experience as a medical practitioner & educator to the IMAj Institute.  Carol Ann has traveled worldwide as an Instructor for Botox Cosmetic, Juvederm and other injectable products, and serves as a guest instructor and Medical Director for the IMAj Institute. Carol Ann also actively reviews all records and protocols to ensure medical accuracy.


Peggy Begley
Clinical Director – Licensed Aesthetics Instructor – Laser Safety Officer – Certified Laser Technician – ITEC Internationally Certified Aesthetician – ITEC Certified Instructor

As a seasoned business professional and a Licensed Aesthetician with a true passion for skin care, Peggy directs the daily operations and growth of the IMAj Institute and our curriculum. As an Instructor, Peggy provides guidance to aspiring Aestheticians through our professional development classes that are designed to assist new professionals with translating their skills as a skin care provider to new career opportunities. Peggy also serves as a liaison to regulatory agencies on behalf of the school.


Augustina Snowden
Lead Aesthetics Instructor – Master Sculptor Artisan – Master Eyelash Extension Instructor – Supervising Laser Technician – ITEC Internationally Certified Aesthetician – Certified Microneedling Instructor

Augustina is not only the Lead Aesthetics Instructor at the IMAj Institute, but her advanced knowledge and acumen with high-frequency microcurrent and radio frequency skin altering devices has led her to serve as the Institute’s Master Sculptor Instructor. Her research and development work has led to major clinical advances in the use or Sculptor technologies for both cosmetic and medical applications.

Alyssa - IMAj Institute

Alyssa Gillies
Licensed Aesthetics Instructor – Supervising Laser Technician – Laser Safety Officer

Alyssa Gillies has extensive experience working in the retail medical spa environment, and ultimately found that teaching was her true passion. She is a Certified Laser Safety Officer, and also holds both an Aesthetics Instructor License and a Laser Technician Instructor Certification.

Alyssa - IMAj Institute

Karla Clodfelter
Laser Instructor

Ms. Clodfelter has over 20 years of cosmetology experience and has served on Arizona’s Board of Cosmetology for the past 8 years. She is currently Vice Chairman of the Board which is the entity that licenses aestheticians. Ms. Clodfelter is also an executive board member of National Interstate Boards of Cosmetology (NIC), the source of Arizona’s licensing aesthetician examination. Ms. Clodfelter brings a depth of knowledge and is a amazing resource available to IMAj students. Ms. Clodfelter also has an abundance of business management and business startup experience. She enjoys creating innovative ways to engage students in learning.

Kai Farley
Supervising Laser Technician-Licensed Aesthetician

Ms. Farley is highly skilled in aesthetic procedures and has demonstrated exceptional skill in the area of laser and other energy based treatments. IMAj Institute is fortunate to have Ms. Farley to work with students and share her knowledge and techniques during the students’ hands-on training in the laser lab. Her bright, cheery positive personality brings joy to our campus.

Aspen Espinoza
Student Instructor – Licensed Aesthetician

Ms. Espinoza is a licensed aesthetician with significant technical knowledge. In addition, Ms. Espinoza brings with her extensive skin care product knowledge that she received through training and experience while working for a major skincare manufacturer. Ms. Espinoza is enthusiastic about teaching new aestheticians the foundational knowledge and skills they need prepare them for achieving their educational and career goals.

Joanna Wilson
Front Desk Coordinator

The voice you will typically hear when you call the IMAj Institute is Joanna’s. Ms. Wilson is an integral part of operations at the Institute. She handles everything from managing communications on campus, coordinating spa guests and maintaining and organizing guest and student records. Ms. Wilson is a Licensed Aesthetician and Certified Laser Technician and also uses her skills to work with students while they are in the clinic completing the hands-on elements of their training.

Kathy Ellsworth
Business Consultant – Compliance Officer

Ms. Ellsworth supports behind-the- scene functions of IMAj Institute.  Her responsibilities include policy development, curriculum specialist, and sustained compliance with oversight organizations. Ms. Ellsworth’s goal is to establish and maintain processes that support IMAj’s mission of Training the Best Aestheticians in the World. Ms. Ellsworth’s previous experience includes compliance auditing, corporate training and human performance management.

Stacey Johnson
Student Services Counselor – Professional Development Instructor

Ms. Johnson’s goal is to ensure all students have the information and guidance they need to be successful in their education goals as well as their career goals. Ms. Johnson is a key factor in supporting students through their educational journey and preparing them to enter the business world. Ms. Johnson came to IMAj Institute with extensive experience as an instructor and a guidance counselor.

Joe Danosky

Joseph Danosky
Engineer – Licensed Cosmetologist – Licensed Aesthetician – Certified Laser Technician – Laser Safety Officer

Mr. Danosky, a former Nuclear Submarine Mechanic and USN veteran is the gentleman behind the scenes. Joe is currently a Licensed Cosmetologist, Laser Technician, and Laser Safety Officer, and works daily to maintain and repair all of our lasers and clinical aesthetic equipment. When he is not busy with that, he his diligently developing and prototyping new equipment. This not only puts our school on the forefront of new technology, but our students as well.