What Is an Esthetician and Other FAQs

What is an esthetician exactly?

Estheticians specialize in appearances, focused on skincare. Through scientific training and instructor-guided, hands-on experience, estheticians can help clients address their specific skincare goals in a customized way to improve each person’s unique skin condition through diet, topical products, and other therapies. Estheticians are not dermatologists or medical doctors, so becoming a licensed esthetician does not require the years and years of academic study. Estheticians are highly trained in their specific skincare areas, however, and this training is regulated by the Arizona Board of Cosmetology, with specific standards for certification and licensing to ensure a high standard of safety and care.

What is the approximate esthetician salary?

According to Salary.com, the average income for a licensed aesthetician is $43,546. To help you achieve a career with a solid income, IMAj offers job placement assistance, as well as complimentary business development assistance for those students who want to explore options for self-employment, including opening your own medical spa.  An online Job Board is updated weekly, and access is password-restricted to IMAj graduates only.

Plus, our students may at any time choose to re-attend classes or participate in additional hands-on training activities while enrolled at IMAj or at any time after graduation. This helps ensure every student has the ability to utilize the resources of IMAj Institute in any way that may help to improve their success.

What does an esthetician do?

Estheticians draw on their education and training to create customized solutions for their clients’ skincare goals. Common treatments include facials, extractions, acne treatments, facial chemical peels, body wraps and scrubs, waxing, laser hair removal, microdermabrasion, and makeup application.

How does one get an esthetician license?

The Arizona Board of Cosmetology regulates all licensing procedures and requirements, occasionally updating them to reflect new technologies and beauty procedures. IMAj Institute partners with the board to stay up to date on licensing requirements and designs our curricula to fulfill all state requirements. Upon completion of the program of your choice, we’ll enable you to get your complete and authorized state certification to practice your skills as a licensed esthetician.

Why should I choose the IMAj Institute for my clinical aesthetics training?

Whether you are preparing for a new career in skin care or if you are a licensed professional interested in advanced medical aesthetics training classes, the IMAj Institute (pronounced “image”) is the ideal setting to complete your skin care training. As the leader in clinical aesthetics education for more than 10 years, IMAj offers the world’s most advanced curriculum and the experiences & resources to prepare you for success!

Does IMAj accept students from outside of Arizona?

Absolutely! Each month, numerous students travel from all over the U.S., as well as internationally, to study at the IMAj Institute. The unique programs offered at IMAj are unlike any other school in the world. IMAj has had the pleasure of working with students from nearly every state in the US, and well as aspiring professionals from Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Canada, Mexico, Africa & South America. For assistance with local housing and relocation during your enrollment period at IMAj, please contact the Admissions Office at (480) 361-8585.  IMAj is also proud to offer ITEC Certification to allow students to obtain an international accreditation.

Does IMAj provide tuition assistance?

IMAj is proud to offer a variety of programs to assist students with tuition payment options. This includes various grant programs, for those who qualify, as well as flexible student loan options through our partnership with Sallie Mae and the Mountain America Credit Union. IMAj is authorized to accept G.I. Bill benefits, both pre and post 911, as well as Vocational Rehabilitation. To learn more about tuition assistance options, please contact the IMAj Admissions Office at (480) 361-8585.

How do I begin the enrollment process?

Have you had a chance to review the IMAj Course Catalog? Have you determined which IMAj course is right for? Have you selected the class start date that works best for you? Do you need assistance applying for a student loan? Would you like help with housing or relocating? Have you completed and submitted your Student Enrollment Form? For assistance with completing any part of the enrollment process, please do not hesitate to contact the IMAj Admissions Office at (480) 361-8585.

Does IMAj offer job placement assistance?

Yes! Many of the industry’s top employers rely on IMAj Clinical Aestheticians. Job placement assistance is provided to all IMAj graduates across the nation.  The IMAj website also hosts a Job Board that is updated weekly.  To access the Job Board, contact the Admissions Office at (480) 361-8585 to obtain the password.

Are students required to adhere to a dress code?

IMAj students are provided uniforms to wear at all times while attending classes on campus, whether participating in classroom or clinic activities.

What are the daily class schedules like at IMAj?

Depending on what phase of your training program you are in, you may be spending part of your day in a classroom, esthetics clinic, laser lab room, or all of the above! Classes are conducted from 8:00am – 5:00pm daily, with an hour break for lunch from noon to 1:00pm. Students may each lunch on campus or visit one of the many restaurants within walking distance from the campus. All regular on-campus activities are conducted Monday – Thursday. The Monday – Thursday schedule provides an opportunity for students who choose to work in addition to attending school to be available to their employers each weekend.

Are any of the IMAj classes available to be taken online?

If you are interested in enrolling in an IMAj Cosmetic Laser Technician Certification course, you may be eligible to complete the lecture portion of your training via our online program. The online course is self-paced, available 24 hours per day, and can be completed off-campus.  Click here for more information about available online classes.

Are the any prerequisites for enrolling in IMAj course?

If you have no prior professional experience in skin care or medical aesthetics, The Clinical Aesthetics course may be the perfect fit for you. The Clinical Aesthetics course is a single integrated course of study that includes both traditional and medical aesthetics training. If you are currently a licensed cosmetologist, esthetician, or medical professional (or a current student in any of the aforementioned programs), then you are eligible to enroll in one of the IMAj Cosmetic Laser Technician Certification course. The IMAj Cosmetic Laser Technician Training course meets Arizona Radiation Regulatory Agency standards and is ideal for Arizona based students. Students from outside of Arizona are welcome to enroll in the IMAj Cosmetic Laser Technician Training course or the IMAj Fast Track Laser Technician course, which is a more abbreviated program that implements online lecture program training and 8 days of on-campus comprehensive hands-on training with an array of Laser, IPL and RF technologies. To learn more about which program may be the best fit for you, please contact the IMAj Admissions Office at (480) 361-8585 for further assistance.

Thank you and we can’t wait to see you on campus soon!